Solar for Savings

Many of our customers start saving on their electricity costs from the day their system is connected to the grid. No matter which financial option you select, you get predictable energy costs that help protect against utility rate hikes, so your savings could increase over time.*

* Future utility rate increases are not guaranteed by Solar Spectrum

Ready to Bank on Sunshine?

The price of solar energy from a Solar Spectrum Energy System is typically lower than the current cost of electricity our customers purchased from their utilities. Our Solar Spectrum quotes contain customized estimates of projected savings so you can make an informed, confident decision about going solar.

How Do We Calculate Solar Savings?

Monthly View

20-Year View

Images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual savings vary by customer.

Solar for Financial Control

Even though we account for seasonality and future changes in production, your savings will vary based on factors we can’t control, including actual future utility rates, charges, fee structures, and your future electricity usage.

But unlike your utilities, we do help you gain more control over your future energy costs by providing you with a predictable price for solar energy.
For example:
  • With a leased Solar Spectrum Energy System, you get a guaranteed amount of solar energy each year for 20 years for a set monthly payment.
  • With a power purchase agreement, you pay a set price for each unit of solar energy the Solar Spectrum Energy System produces for 20 years; it’s pay as you go for a predictable price.
  • With a purchased Solar Spectrum Energy System, you get a guaranteed amount of solar energy each year for 10 years for the upfront purchase price.
  • With a purchased system, you also continue to own the system, and the energy it produces, when those 10 years are over.

Find Out What You Could Save

Find Out What You Could Save