Three Reasons to Switch to Solar NOW (Instead of Waiting)

Read the myths surrounding the right time to go solar, and get the truth.

As you research solar installation companies, you’ll find lots of advice to go solar right now – often the companies will try to entice you with some deal that is too good to be true, saying it might not last.

You can usually bet that it IS too good to be true, and you can usually bet that incentives that are available now will be available for the foreseeable future.

There’s also plenty of advice saying you should wait until summer because solar panels are more effective after the winter thaw. That’s also not true.

Let’s bust a few myths and see why you should absolutely go solar before summertime…

1. Myth: it’s less cost effective. Truth: it’s MORE cost effective.

Somehow it got out into the world that solar is really only for the summer. Solar panels have improved in efficiency over the years, meaning not only do they cost less, they work better.

There’s evidence to show that solar panels work better in cold weather than in hot weather. Overcast doesn’t reduce efficiency of solar panels by any significant amount (you’ll still save money).

And if you live where it snows: sure, snow covering your panels means they don’t get that sunlight, but guess what? It’s remarkably easy to wipe snow off of solar panels. Most customers have no issues in the winter.

2. Myth: solar companies won’t install in cold weather. Truth: installers prefer the cold to the heat.

If you’re not going to be the one up on the roof working to install those panels – and if you’re not a licensed installer, you definitely should not be – then it’s probably no difference.

But solar installation companies work year round, and are staffed appropriately to install anywhere, any time. And if you ask someone who does the installing if they prefer to be out under the hot summer sun, you’ll rarely hear a positive reply.

We’ll gladly come out to install any month of the year. But since most people wait until summer, why not get ahead of the rush? If you have to wait in line, that means more time spent getting your electricity from the expensive old utility company.

3. Myth: waiting until it’s hot makes financial sense. Truth: waiting at all makes NO financial sense.

You’ll have your solar panels year round, and your average savings start as soon as you get them up and permission to operate from the utility. You start saving immediately.

Furthermore: if you wait until you get a high electric bill from your utility because you’ve been using your air conditioning more, you’ve already set yourself up to overpay. We have an industry-leading time to install, and our average is 45 days. Other companies take longer. So you’d be looking at at least one more high bill, possibly two. If you try to catch a solar installer during peak busy season, you may wind up waiting for a whole season to start saving money.

So don’t wait! Reach out to Solar Spectrum right away and go solar as soon as you can…before it gets too hot!

Start saving today!

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