What Will Happen Now that PG&E Is Declaring Bankruptcy?

PG&E is California’s largest electric utility company. They serve over 16 million Californians – and there’s been a lot of negative news these days. What exactly is going on?

Recently, PG&E was found liable for over $30 billion in liability damages for negligence and responsibility for devastating wildfires. Most recently, on January 14, 2019 they announced plans to file for bankruptcy protection on January 29. The early announcement is a legal requirement – they must publicly declare intentions to file bankruptcy at least 15 days in advance, which they have now done.

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According to statements, homeowners will continue to receive electric service from PG&E. However, with uncertainty looming, customers can’t be sure of the reliability of service – or of how much they will be paying each month.

In 2001, PG&E declared bankruptcy amid a grand-scale energy crisis and stuck their customers with the bill. In those days, most folks saw between a $1300 to $1600 annual increase in their electric bill.

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Will Rates Rise Again?

It’s incredibly likely that rates will rise again, just like last time, and likely that the amount could be a similar increase (if not even bigger).

The results of being found liable for huge fires in consecutive years puts too great a financial strain on the utility, and whatever costs PG&E can pass on to the consumer, they will. It’s not a surprise, that is a pretty standard business model. Still, that it’s expected doesn’t make it any easier.

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